Subvoltage is a unique fusion of heavy metal and alternative rock. Their energetic performances, positive content, and cinematic influence reveal their heart and soul to leave you feeling as if you know them on a personal level – because they want you to know them on a personal level. Subvoltage is not about four guys trying to make it big. Subvoltage is about you.
Subvoltage was founded in 2008 by Joseph Guillory and Demetrius Cabrera. Joseph, the primary writer, vocalist, and guitarist, is inspired by writers like Switchfoot and August Burns Red – artists that let their heart bleed through their lyrics. Hip hop enthusiast and co-founder Demetrius Cabrera supplies the classical piano parts and string patches that really set Subvoltage apart form its hardcore cousins. 

After years of searching for a basist and drummer that fit the bill, current drummer Danny Perales aproached them. With his engineering degree, experience as a touring musician, and groove based style on the drums, Danny has not only added to the band's unique sound and been a wealth of knowledge on surviving the industry, but also plays a big part in the execution of writing, performing, recording, and even mixed and mastered their latest EP, Illusions. 

After adding Danny the band found and lost yet another basist, so for Joshuafest 2015 the guys recruited their new friend and novice guitarist/vocalist, Shaelah Jeanne. That autumn the group became tighter as they began serving as youth leaders, jamming, and learning eachothers' hearts. By winter the guys realized that God's plans for Shaelah coincided with the plans He had for Suvoltage and officially asked her into the band.
Despite the trials and change, Subvoltage has stood firm. They now emerge into a new season with a stronger fire than ever, ready rock the world!

August Burns Red, Devil Wears Parada, Underoath, Fit for a King, For Today, Bring me the Horizon