It was the summer of 2008. Demetrius and Joseph were just two friends rocking out to Journey’s "Don’t stop believing," when something much bigger happened – fumbling fingers turned the rock sesh into a jam sesh and Subvoltage was birthed.

Despite the trials and change throughout the years, Subvoltage has stood firm and emerged with a stronger fire than ever. Today the band stands as a team of four, ready rock the world and eager to meet you!


lead vocals // guitar

Founding member Joseph Guillory is the lead singer, rhythm guitar player, and primary writer of Subvoltage. Joseph has always known music to be his ultimate expression of honesty. From a young age music has been a therapeudic way for him to express himself, ask questions, search his heart, and find answers not only for himself, but also others. He understands, however, "...there are some things that cannot be answered, and do not have an answer. This also is beautiful because, like music, life cannot be contained or put in a box when it is fully lived out." This perception keeps Joseph in awe of Gods heart and humbles him. He hopes that his music will inspire those who listen, and help them know they are not alone.


keys // guitar

Hey nerds, I’m Demetrius Cabrera and I am the keyboardist (keytarist) and a founding father of Subvoltage. "I am I am a real religious man" - Nacho Libre. God decided to take a former Atheist with no musical background and allow him to run around on stage and make melodies to let you know someone cares about you. It works somehow. Don’t question it.

I'm praying for you guys. If you need us booked – get at me, fam. Love God love people. Thanks for your the support.


drums // backup vocals

Official drummer and production specialist of Subvoltage since 2012, Danny’s stage career started as a seven year old performing in musicals with the local theater company. In the 7th grade he began drum lessons and formed a band with his friends that would become known as The Tragic Comeback during their high school years. The Tragic Comeback grew Danny as a drummer and musician, but after graduation was torn it apart due to varying paths.

Danny’s path took him on to attain his Bachelors of Science in Audio Production at The Art Institute of California-San Francisco. While attending The Art Institute, Danny continued with his job as a staff engineer at Mars Hill Coffeehouse (working with artist such as Stickup Kid and Family Thief), where he would eventually meet and mix an acoustic show for Joseph and Demetrius. Subvoltage was once again down to the original duo, praying for God to bring a drummer. Danny was in between bands and praying for a band to come along. When he heard Subvoltage was short a drummer, he approached Demetrius – like an awkward preteen asking a girl to a dance – and asked if they were looking for a drummer (as if he didn’t already know). They invited Danny to jam with them a few times, played a show with them, and the rest is history.

Now, 4 years of band hood and a college degree later, Danny tours as a live bassist/drummer for Direct Divide, works as a freelance production professional around California, is a barista a Mars Hill Coffeehouse (a ministry that is dear to his heart), and serves at The Anchor Gilroy as a leader in both youth and tech ministries. Being in Subvoltage has been a driving force in Danny’s growth in God, given him several ministry opportunities, and he looks forward to the travels and connections God has in store for them.


bass // backup vocals

If you'd told me I'd be headbanging and jumping around on stage in a metal band with a bass strapped to me, rocking alongside three bearded warriors, I would have laughed at you in the face. But God. One thing has lead to another and now I'm almost comfortable sayig: "I’m a third (at least) generation musician."

As a wee one I was determined to separate myself from my family and forge my own path by perusing a career as a horse trainer (a path that I shared with zillions of other girls... 7y/o logic. Don't question it.) However after a little over a year in the industry I realized that I wasn't down with the drama, politics, and greed inherent to horsey peeps. On top of that, being outside of a musical household for the first time in my life sent me running back home for my childhood guitar ("Sonny", cuz he's sunburst). Shortly after I was asked to lead worship for my church's youthgroup. There I met my new best friend (and now fiancé) Danny who, a week before Joshuafest 2015, decided to chuck a green stringed bass and a soundcloud link at me so that I, the white, conservative, church-grown goody-two-shoes could learn 6 metal songs (much to mom's dismay) and play with a full band for the first time ever in my life in front of people who aren't there to worship the Lord with you, but are just standing there, waiting for you to melt their faces off (which is apparently entertaining.)

Well... That weekend was perfect. So natural, so beautiful... the people, the music... Despite exhausting circumstances I was completely energized! Needless to say I was hooked, and a few months after Joshuafest the guys realized that the plans God had for me coincided with the plans He had for Subvoltage. They finally asked me into their ranks and I was an official band member just in time to celebrate the release of Illusions. I am beyond excited for this new season and can't wait to see where God takes this crazy band! The people, the music, the sharing of God's love with three of my best friends… I couldn’t ask for a better adventure!

Our faith in God is the inspiration for our musical journey, the way that we love, and the decisions we make. We are not here to condemn, but to inspire a world that is slowly decaying and losing hope. Our hope is that our music will inspire you to go out and be an inspiration to others.

We love you guys!

- Subvoltage